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1 year ago
If only the package wasn't open already
Amazon guy 1 year ago
Bullshit. Us Amazon drivers don’t have time to piss, let alone fuck customers
Delivery guy 1 year ago
Im not being funny but if my package from amazon was already open I would not be best pleased!!!!
BEZOS 1 year ago
I don't condone this behavior.
Smh 1 year ago
Im ashamed I got off to this
Boss 1 year ago
That girl belongs in the brothel
Skaffen-Amtiskaw 1 year ago
Nice legs and bum.
Husband has a lovely cock and balls. Not shown enough.
Anna 28 1 year ago
I think it’s better to take delivery when my husband is at work. We can play in every room.
1 year ago
My waif
1 year ago
Great camera, work same guy?