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16 November 2020

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Vocal for Local: How Jai Hotels employ 100% local staff from Darjeeling

The queen of hills, Darjeeling, made famous by its aromatic tea lies amidst clouds, lapped in nature’s bosom and watched over by the mighty Kanchenjunga. The “toot toot” of the toy train wakes the slumbering dogs on the streets and the red-cheeked children scatter from the railway tracks upon hearing the sound that is a part of our hill’s identity.


The cold weather is brushed aside by the warm and welcoming smiles of the local people who believe in helping others before anything else. The kindness and hard work of these individuals may often go unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean they will stop themselves from being kind and helpful to anyone in need.


Jai Hotels have believed in nurturing and helping not only the environment but also the community we belong to. With our strong belief in being vocal for local, Jai Hotels are committed to hiring local people to be the face and voice of our property. We believe in giving back to our little town in any way we can and by hiring talents from Darjeeling, thinking we would provide employment to our people, instead received the reputation of having the most courteous and helpful staff. Their dedicated service and loyalty have earned us praise from every guest we’ve served so far and we hope to continue to do the same. 


Darjeeling has always been a place that produces gems of people who excel in various fields, whether it’s music, art, education or sports. However, in order to be recognized for one’s excellence, our sons and daughters have always had to leave home for better opportunities, we hope to change that one small step at a time. We even started two hostels to provide comfortable lodging for employees who are not from the main town area. Through this belief of shining the spotlight on not just our hill station but also its people, we chanced upon people like Pawan, Kalpana and Manzil, who have been pillars of Jai Hotels.

Pawan, FNB manager, has been a part of the Jai Hotels team since our inception. He has worked with many hotels all over India and abroad including Sri Lanka and Bahrain. He came back to his hometown after living outside the state for many years in order to take care of his mother. When talking about working in our hometown, Pawan said, “The people here are more understanding, flexible and supportive. We’ve got each other’s back and will somehow manage our tasks at hand. We receive assistance not only from our colleagues but also the Jai Hotel owners, we’re just like a big family.”

Kalpana, Housekeeping, is originally from Assam, however when she married her husband from Darjeeling almost 30 years ago this little town became her home. Having trained and worked in many hotels, she is not only an experienced staff but also an exceptional one. Her abundant knowledge guides the employees whenever they require help. She talks about guests with admiration and wonder, “We never know what kind of person might visit us today. However different they might be, one thing always remains the same and that is mutual respect. Me and my team make sure they are welcomed, we keep their rooms and surroundings spotless, they’ve come to relax and we want them to experience the best at Jai Hotels.”

Manzil Lama, Front Office Executive (HOD), is from Dali, he has earlier worked in Sikkim and though the environment and people didn’t leave him missing his hometown, he still longed to be home. Manzil has also been a core part of Jai Hotels since day 1, his valuable insights have always come in handy. He said, “Most of our staff are the youth of Darjeeling and have a lot of talent and vigor. Working at home is always a pleasure because our people are a loving bunch and we don’t have language or other barriers. Work goes on smoothly because we work as a team without boundaries, we are not restricted by roles, if someone in another department needs help then we all jump in. Hard work pays off as we are appreciated for it and promoted.”

Every day we learn a little bit more about the world they live in, and every day they touch so many people’s lives knowingly or unknowingly. We hope in the coming years, the people of our little town will not have to look outside Darjeeling for better opportunities and more talented entrepreneurs and artists become successful in their endeavours. We will take every day as a stepping stone and work towards creating more opportunities for our people while treating every person with love and patience.